A mirror is, in my opinion, a very important tool to discovering new things and achieving even more…and if used sincerely and honestly, which I am still not prepared to at the moment, sky is the limit!!

Here is a small guide (if I can call it one) on doing so.

The first and i think the commonest use of a mirror is to see oneself. You can admire your features and clothes, and correct the uncorrected. You can improve on your visual appeal and most importantly, for those who care about what people think about them, they can see how others see them.

But is this all that one can see?

Think again.

If you see carefully you will see a lot more than what you think you see. You can ask yourself, perhaps all the difficult questions in life that you were afraid to ask others. Questions like – “After all these years, was it worth it?” or “Who am I and what am I going to do with my life?” or “Do I deserve all the this?” You can ask yourself in the end whether this was what you wanted to do.

One can in this way, rediscover the deepest thoughts in the mind, thoughts which everyone is afraid to know and ask about.

Not only this, several important skills can be acquired with a mirror and there are several experts out there to help you more than I can.

So folks, the next time you see a mirror, don’t shirk away your responsibility by superficial emotions…Looking for the meaning within.