It is good to be selfish. This statement by a great thinker by the name of Ayn Rand actually sparked off more controversies than it was written for. But she meant it to be taken in a different light altogether. Let me explain.
What Ayn Rand meant was that we all live a life full of our own personal conflicts and troubles, funny moments and those of despair. In general, we live our own life without the neighbor not giving a dog’s a*% what happens to us. Then why should we bother about others? We should live for ourselves, for our ideals, for our own one selfish purpose. All else is useless formations, mere hindrances on the path to enlightenment. The power of objectivism is indeed great.
Perhaps this might be able to give a general idea about her extraordinary philosophy to general people but it goes a lot deeper than one thinks it is. As I delve into it and think about it more and more, I realize the many angles that spring from this one philosophy – objectivism. All her books,
The Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged, We the Living and her writings – stood to defend this one unique and selfish thought.