Seriously folks, I think the music industry, especially the international rock music scene needs a breath of fresh air. The same old trash is being displayed on the same old channels which the same old people are watching on their same old televisions. I wish people understood the importance of change. As they say, variety is the spice of life.
I know that the time of rock and roll is a time gone by and only cherished by the senior citizens if our community but you will have to agree with me that that music had substance and style in it. Guitar fills were not screeching remixed versions created with the help of modern trashy gizmos known as mixers. These things have spoilt the essence of the guitar and the divine gift of one’s voice.
I wish there were performers out there who could do a “stairway to heaven” or a “November rain” or even a “comfortably numb”. It’s hopeless asking for talent in a place where money is everything.

Rock music a timeless skill and if people cannot deliver (the ones who are in this, of course), it very bad and sad. I really wish Guns N’ Roses were here now.