What is so great about Ayn Rand?

Why do we recommend all our aquantainces to read Ayn Rand the first time we read any of her books?

These are are questions which I have been asked by many of my friends who have seen me with Ayn Rand’s books and are now a bit tired of my constant bugging, urging them to read Ayn Rand.

These are questions which cannot be answered in simple words i guess.

These are questions which can only be understood, let alone answered, once a person reads her books.

Its the whole idea of showing the heroic in man. The philosophy which sounds so uncomfortably close and real, even though it is almost as ideal and impractical to achieve in an entire lifetime ( exceptions being many such as Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.).

The first time I read Fountainhead, I dint know what hit me.

The second time i read it, i was a bit prepared and so tried hard to understand it.

Following this, i am still trying to figure out the whole meaning, in its entirety, about what Ayn Rand was trying to convey…

Happy reading, all you selfish dogs..

Who says its not good to be selfish?