Wish someone could explain the naughty writings of salman rushdie to me. He seems to be getting more and more mysterious and ambigous as i keep reading his books. Even though i have never completed a book, i have read through large chunks of “Shame” and “midnight’s Children” which I plan to complete in the future.

Salman Rushdie has always intrigued me from the way in which he narrates his stories. There is always a sense of clean sexuality which underlines or rathers, moves beneath the surface in his books. Nothing dirty, cheap or sleazy. He proficiently manages to sprinkle sexual feelings throughout his books, and surprisingly, only one other author in Indian literature that i know of has managed that, Kushwant Singh. While drawing comparasions between the two would be an insult as both have achieved great heights in their chosen paths. But creating parallels between their interpretations of the indian way of life is certainly an activity which needs to be done.

It is just so accurate…