I play guitar.

Actually, in the 11th year at school, a nepali roommate whom i will never forget now, taught me how to play guitar. I had always wanted to learn this skill but the music teacher at Welham Boys was much occupied, singing for the prinicipal in events which tried to change the image of the school administration. Let me not pour all my snide comments and sarcasm here now, I have better things to tell.

So I became a really obsessive guitarist, even though I played crap most of the time. There was very little cleanliness and rythm in the playing. But i enjoyed playing to myself, even if there were not many to appreciate it. As it is the only song i wanted to learn fully was stairway to heaven by led zeppelin. The first time i heard this song, i knew i wanted to learn it. Little did i know I would actually end up learning the guitar. And now, I can play the whole song and some parts of the solo also. Its been only a little over a year that I have played guitar.

Recently, I became and addicted fan of led zeppelin all out and carefully listened to the guitar parts in the songs. And man, was i surprised..it was the best shit ever. Jimmy page is one man who knows how to play guitar and to make original, new music, the others being david gilmour, hendrix, cobain and kirk hammett. These people are the ones who i feel have innovated a lot in music through their sonic experiments. I really wish i could go to a live concert if the alive ones.

Led zeppelin songs can take you to an absolutely new level I believe. This is a level which I experienced only with pink floyd before. The intricately composed sections of their songs, sometimes only with a droning vocal, or a simple drum beat. But it is the solo guitar pieces of Page which seem to steal the show most of the time. His timing, innovation and well, technique are just inspiration enough for any music buff to take up a les paul and start off.

Favorite zeppelin songs, all! man it does take you to a new world if you listen carefully. Here in india and where i come from, i have not met many zoso fans but i can proudly say that i have two of my friends become diehard zoso fans, one of them being a better guitarist than me. he probably understood the value of zoso and so became a fan -a-tic.

Wish there was more of led zeppelin, seems i just cant get enough.,