“Have you heard of the band called Led Zeppelin?”

“Yeah, I guess..faintly.”

“Any songs that you remeber?”

“Umm..The only song i know and liked is Stairway to Heaven. Do they have other hits also?”

At this point in the conversation with my friend, I literally jumped from my seat.

He had just asked me if led zeppelin had other songs which were good.

Over the past few days, I have been trying to understand as many songs by the band as i can. unfortunately, i dont have that much time, but the little of led zeppelin that i listen seems to uplift me from the most rotten moods.

Last night, I was feeling really rotten because the day was not that good. wasnt being able to sleep that much so started listening to a few zoso songs. Came across a wierd title called Bron-Y-Aur-Stomp. I dint know at the time what it meant but when i listened to it for the first time, i was like – WHAT THE #@%@ WAS THAT??!!?

The song just changed my mood and made so happy i couldnt f@$@ing believe it!!

The song had the most amazing acoustic guitaring i had ever heard and as a guitarist, i absolutely wanted to play it. Now i guess i will be spending many days trying to learn somehow because i dont think there are many around who have heard the song, let alone played it. It is certainly one of led zeppelin’s  most  unheard track, atleast in india. Not many forums have it, havent seen it on any of my friends iPods and so on..

I think i will have to find the stories behind the songs of led zeppelin if this goes on. Third  time i am being shocked by a song so nice as this. First was Stairway to heaven, then came on heartbreaker, then Kashmir and now Bron-Y-Aur-Stomp. This actually means Breast of Gold in Welsh and these guys were taking a break in some remote cottage in wales when they wrote most of led zeppelin III.