This a word by word copy of a person’s views about himself. I read it on Facebook and Was shell Shocked!!! This guy was describing himself and while reading it I was thinking as if I was being described…This is a really strange world and what kills me most is that there’s nothing to explain all these bizarre, metaphysical connections..

Anyway here’s the description:

“I’m cynical because of how stupid the world can get including myself. So, it makes me very coarse on the outlook of Life, despite my attempts for trying to make it out to be very nice and pleasing. Antisocial, because of what I just said and that I’ve never really been sociable to begin with. Even when I was little I simply watched people just to see what they did and how they acted. That doesn’t mean I’ve never had friends because I do find people nice to talk to from time to time. I’m obsessive in finding truth and certainty, mostly. It’s difficult for me to simply accept something as it is without substantial evidence to back it. I’m also obsessive about cleanliness and order on some things…even though chaos tends to intrigue me, oddly enough. I’m eccentric since I get manic over certain music or a movie or when I hear fire engine sirens or the city siren if there’s a tornado coming (the sound reminds me of an air raid in WWII). I’m always staring out in space thinking of multiple things at the same time (No, it’s not very helpful while trying to do homework or pay attention to something; class, conversations, etc.). I can only learn in 3D (why I like sciences) or by sound (one reason I love being a musician). I can’t stand crowds. They make me nervous even though there’s nothing to be nervous about. I “talk with my hands” and never can look a person in the eye while talking to them since I’m too busy trying to visualize what I’m talking about in my mind before it comes out of my mouth.There’s more stuff too, but I’m not going to sit here all day typing things out. And lastly, I overanalyze everything. I leave “no stone unturned” when analyzing something. I have to know what it’s all about. That tends to leave me with sleepless nights, though. Or, I’ll be trying to do homework and can’t since my mind simply won’t leave something alone for later.”

A message for eric (if you come across this – the net is not as vast anymore, courtesy- google)

I m really sorry Eric for stealingthis, but i could have described myself any better than this although I think I could have but I m a bit lazy to do so..These self reflections are mostly sparked off by stray incidents and people’s views about oneself.