The whole Sarah Palin thingy has definitely given me some food for thought, which by the way is totally non political. John McCain is one clever dog. He, according to me chose this lady to be his running mate because of her good looks and charming personality. Im sure of one thing – it was never her political ideas or experience (which by the way is near to nil) that made him choose her, it was her background and face value.

While the importance of face value was internationally accepted in this case, it is mostly neglected in our daily lives. Fortunately or unfortunately, this is one thing which is catching up, even in india.

I study in the god-forsaken Delhi University doing a god forsaken course called maths honours. Though it is supposed to be an undergraduate course in mathematics by the end of which i am supposed to end up with an honours degree, i have not yet grasped the total point of studying math, the it is being taught to us. In one word – school time!! Anyway, i seem to have drifted again…

Well, the DU elections took place a while ago and guess who won the presidential vote? None other than a gorgeous beauty with no brains inside her lovely head. Nupur Sharma – another cleverly chosen candidate. And she won for one sole reason – it was looks and purely looks.

<paragraph moderated – sincere apologies! Will never be so stupid and ignorant, ever!>

This was a local example of the importance of face value. The Sarah Palin one a foreign example. But in history, do we have a global example of a moron being projected to great heights solely owning to his or her physical beauty? I doubt.  But there is a thought in the back of my huge mind that there is.

I never realised that i actually had some views about the mind game which is commonly called politics. While the politics in India and indian universities is immature and clever, young and lethal, the politics in Western countries is more tasteful and sophisticated, intellectually stimulating and interesting to follow. Broadly, the same principles and techniques are used everywhere, but it is the mannerism in which it is executed. Using dirty, filmy goondas is India, reminiscent of the hardcore UP politics and using tongues as whiplashes in the west. My only regret (i hope it is not soon to make a judgement, who knows where the hell i eventually land up) will be that i never whetted my hungry mind with politics and politicians…