Man, i hate to admit it but it’s true – Jack Nicholson is one helluva son-of-a-bitch. And I envy him like anything. Here’s why:

  1. he’s done the most neurotic, eccentric, crazy and original roles in
  2. Some of the best films ive ever seen..
  3. hes slept with 2000 women – allegedly. But looking at him, this is not hard to believe.
  4. that would be like a new girl every day for 2000 days or (searching for calculator, me) like a new girls every day for five years..who wouldnt envy him
  5. because he has a sense of humour i had – only in my mind – and he managed to do it onscreen.
  6. his glint of mischievousness ..


i dont even know where im going with this.

the honest, very honest fact is that many a times when a celebrity or any known personality comes in the spot light and i read about them – i get these realisations that when i say to myself- “He’s is so much like me. ” or ” WOW! Isnt that similarity creepy?” and so on..

I think ive made a post about this guy i met on facebook with whom i shared so many uncanny characteristics..i guess jack nicolson is going on that list of mine..

some other famous hot shots i feel have something which describes me, have something which i want with my life are-

  1. howard roark – a fictional character from Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead
  2. Aamir Khan – Bollywood superstar etc etc. For our perfection, impracticality and sensibility. and principles.
  3. jack nicolson – for the sense of humour and what he has achieved.
  4. farhan akhtar – obsurely. not sure why but i guess if i meet him, we will have lots to talk of.

more will sure be added to this list..

There, this is what i love about blogging. No matter how you are feeling, or what – let alone the fact that sometimes this feels like talking to a wall – you get to make your chest lighter, even if it is by a hair.

but i sure damn want that someone reads all these stupid, words and give