Two strange people were sitting in a park in South Delhi on a bright chirpy Sunday morning.

Mahesh and Kamlesh. They became friends because their names rhymed when the first met at a book reading. The book in question was written by Kamlesh’s sister Vimlesh. The whole situation sounded quite funny to Mahesh and to Kamlesh, so they bonded real well. Next time they met, it was at a mutual friend’s birthday party. The friend was Vimlesh’s younger brother Mukesh. He, unfortunately was a bit of a gay, so Mahesh and Kamlesh naturally maintained their distance because both were pretty men.

Anyway, that’s enough background for the moment.

They were sitting and talking as it were. Talking about things which din’t pertain to anyone or anything. Talking mindlessly about things that din’t concern a fly in the world.

So this is a part of something of a movie which i someday want to make. Too far-fetched and fancy for the likes and lives of people like me. But yes, I will make one movie when the time arrives. Will collect matter till then..