November was a shitty, shitty month.

I had my department fest going on, which was itself a major pain in the ass. There was YP ka whole mess going on which I was trying to juggle with my college studies and tutions. And there were things happening at home, which I had no clue about till I got back.

1st November, my beloved dog, Gizmo, died, all of 7 months, 12 days. A very lovable labrador, I could not bring myself to believe this because I was really looking forward to his company after a whole month of not being licked by him early in the mornings, sleeping with him late in the afternoons, and playing really frantic and excited football with him in the evenings. Of course, it would be papa who made his daily snack of scrambled eggs and paranthas and other thingummies. Shit, I can’t even recount the dozens of naughty habits with Gizmo lightened our life in such a short span. It was like mum and dad had a new son to live with when me and my brother were away for studies. And now I won’t have any Gizmo stories to tell me friends either 😥

And all this ended when Gizmo contracted that horrible disease called Parvo. He had a habit of eating shit – monkeys, pigeons, anything. And since my grandpa was really ill, my dad could not take as good care of him.

And I got this news when I had gone to visit my grandpa, who himself was in a critical condition in a money-making hospital.