Exams are starting tomorrow and I have to write 3 hour papers in Abstract Algebra, Metric Spaces, Mechanics, Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Statistics and Differential Equations. Seriously, it aint funny. I’ve been shitting bricks for the last few days so.

Anyway, the good thing is that I am slowly, very very very slowly, developing some aptitude or liking for this subject. It happened once when I was sitting in the dingy college library studying notes from my tution. Then I started thinking that this was what I had been reduced to – some note-cramming machine ready to puke it all out in the test. So I got up  and started reading some standard text book on abstract algebra. Turns out, I was kinda enjoying it a bit. Even though I dint get even a third of what was being talked about, I was curious to find out more. But time constraints, my dear watson. I have serious time constraints (and as I’m typing this, I also checking out stuff on eBay that I could waste my money on which btw is extremely hard earned).

Anyway, all I ‘ve been upto the past few days has been doing math, cooking knick knacks in the kitchen, some socialising with my house-arrested girlfriend, a little loitering around, and watching the fart-speech scene on three idiots time and again. 🙂