Delhi as a city can be really saturating for college people like me who have a non existent social life. I meet very few people as it is. My room mates usually do nothing new so they have little interesting things to talk about. I am usually very self involved but that too gets boring. Now, it was pure luck that when I was in this irritated I-want-to-get-out-of-here mood, that an old friend from Kolkata dropped in, on the way to Dehradun and Rishikesh, to have a little out door rafting fun. I went along. The trip was exactly what I needed – A breath of fresh air in the morning, calm and quiet surrounding to collect my thoughts, new people to meet (who btw were quite interesting), do some adventure shit, and come back happy and content having spent some hard earned money. (I wish I could take my parents on such holidays!)

Rishikesh in April is quite a delight to visit. The weather is decently pleasant, the tourist crowd is pure eye candy and the Ganga is ice cold to take a dip in. I think I’m going to go on more such trips to the hills, ideally with my girl friend. (haha, I have changed her FB password so that she can be a good girl and study for exams without distractions.)

Yeah, that’s right. It’s been about 2 months and we have exams to write again. I’ve been doing some studying..Might get a 70 if I’m lucky.