How things change within a matter of years. You will be surprised if you read this list of possible careers that I was thinking of going into right from the time when days were merry and we used to play in the sandpit outside Woodseats in 1996 Welham. (Things are so much more different even there, and you will be surprised if you heard that story.) Good things don’t seem to last in this country. My school, like the rest of country has gone such a dramatic change – right from the kind of values that are taught to the children to the skills that are imparted. It used to be a nice boarding school where kids were taught how to think, play, have fun and be good at studies at the same time. Now only the studying bit is encouraged – much like any other government school. The teachers and administators have huge houses and flats in the school while the students don’t have a swimming pool – something which is being ‘promised’ to them for the last 5 years now.

Age 6 – Inventor

I vaguely remember talking to some guy when I was in class 1 about what I wanted to be when I became ‘big’. I used to tell people that I wanted to be an inventor. The strange thing was I was just 6 years old, and I don’t remember how I learned that word.

Age 9 or 10 – Pilot

Again from a very fond memory of one of my friends called Richeek Gupta (met this sucker recently. He’s brain dead like he majority of engineering graduates in India, poor soul). Now this guy used to brag a lot when he was a kid and he often talked about airplanes. So I thought, why not fly one someday.

Age 12 to 15 – Nomad or Gardner

Very weird times. I don’t remember much except that school wasn’t that great anymore. We had been transferred from junior school to middle school and the life wasn’t as chilled out. I don’t really know. I remember once wanting to become a gardener since we had a lovely backyard at home.

Age 16 – Writer

After I won some class awards in essay writing and a teacher praised me that I could narrate a story well, I really wanted to be a writer. But writing is a ‘risky’,’no-scope’ career in competitive India.

Age 17 – Scientist

Yeah, again I wanted to go into science.

Age 18 – An Engineer

Since I was heavily into computers, lived and breathed them basically, I wanted so much to be one. But I din’t get through any decent engineering college in India. So I took up math.

Age 18 – Writer

I began blogging in the middle of this year. Writing was fun again. ( And I was making decent pocket money)

Age 18 – Industrialist

Yeah! I was seriously thinking of giving up math and doing business full time and take forward my family business of cones and ice. Higher level math is no piece of cake you see. Plus damn teachers and culture in DU spoiled me. I was way to comfortable.

Age 19 – Sanyasi/Full time Yogi

Best career ever. Will become one when I am 70-80 years old.

Age 19 – Inventor

Currently, this is what I seriously want to become. Take online education to the intellectually deprived kids of India. But the technological challenges that the situation presents are enormous so I’ll be better off if I hit the books!!