I have usually been of a negative dispostion…sad, depressed, angry and critical..But of late, I have been pretty happy..I don’t feel the need for alcohol or other intoxicants to keep me a ‘high’ any more. I was reading somewhere about what usually keeps a man happy most of the times..Here’s my list of items which have helped me in keeping me happy.

Prateek’s list of things which keep a guy happy:

1. A woman in his life who makes him laugh, all the time.
2. A healthy body
3. A mind which likes to solve problems
4. Doing things which I’ve never seen anyone do before (following creative pursuits in other words)
5. Getting to know about myself, about life, humans, the world etc
6. A vocation which is also my job which therefore, is not taxing.
7. A healthy bank balance so that I’m not dependant on anyone.

8. One or two dependable friends who are there when I need them.