Note: This post is for writers and contributors of, especially for the new year.

When it comes to covering events and people in our industry, i.e Bollywood, the trend is pretty simple. Be it a movie review, a piece on a celebrity, or whatever. This goes not only for blogs but also for other film magazines and news channels. The fault is not theirs either – Bollywood is an entertainment industry. Everyone associated with it is in the business of entertaining others. Hence the media also follows this. While they should ideally check the faults in movies and praise ones which are actually worth mentioning so that better stuff can come out, they stand by and blast irrelevant, sometimes downright, stupid headlines all the time. All they do is ‘entertain’.

About Bollywood blogs (in general):

An average writer simply writes his/her views and opinions about movies or celebrities, not giving a damn about their audience, the commercial viability, of their content etc.

Some good writers move a step forward and carry out extensive background research on their pieces. They refer to a lot of varied opinions across television channels, magazines, blogs, etc. They follow filmy news. These are the folks who are really passionate about everything that is Bollywood. Hence the work flows effortlessly. These are the kind of articles that we have usually been doing on so far.

However, I have realized that to take our blog to the next level, and to take your skills as writers to another level altogether, we need something more.

So what is it that the best writers do?

The best writers step forward and offer more than just words to the reader. Not only do they offer interesting, humorous and simple-to-read opinions, they put in good effort to insert links to interesting songs, videos, other articles which might interest the reader, etc.

Rarely have I read an article on bollywood which offers all three things one piece.

I want you guys to try and improve to this level. If any writer is able to manage it, we are more than happy to remunerate accordingly. I am saying this at the risk of sounding way too idealistic and vague but this is quite possible and simple really. And this is the only way through which the blog can be taken to another level. And trust me, the rewards will be handsome.

For examples, you can go through two very popular american/australian websites which started out as simple blogs:

Directing to another blog for an example and not producing a sample article on Bollykings seems lazy and clever. But that’s only because I have exams coming up so I haven’t been writing anything. You can continue to write along the same lines but you might get bored as you will get a really dim user response. Plus your pay will probably remain the same. How can I send you performance bonuses if there is no performance?


We have readers coming in now but they do not stay and read the articles. The bounce rate is really high and the average time spent on the website is also low. The bounce rate has to be minimized and the time spent by an average reader maximised. Only then will we be able to make an impact on the industry. Otherwise, you guys will continue writing along the same lines, make your pocket money and be happy with it since others around aren’t as lucky as you (you get to work from home!). After a considerable length of time, you might not have anything out-of-the-world to vouch for your skill and passion.

I am asking a lot I know, and I afford to because our blog is growing now. You will agree when I say that your pay is better than the average pay being paid by other blog owners and webmasters. The industry average at the moment is about 80 cents – 1$/100 words. Here, most writers start from 1$/100 and are upgraded to the 1.5$/100 or 2$/100 words level depending on their proficiency and commercial viability. But working on is not only about money. It’s about passion in movies.

The good thing is that revenue is still stable and very gradually increasing so for the time being I can afford to pay you guys generously.