Pure shit.

This question exploded like a bomb in my head today because I had poured over ‘pn notes’ and ‘r kumar ki guide’ for about a week trying to understanding concepts of Riemann Integration and other stuff in higher analysis. But I knew shit in the paper today so I will probably failed. Now I have failed before (in my first year of college), but I had not studies anything then. So that kind of failure doesn’t hurt. But for this paper, I had given a good 7 days, hoping to pass at least. Obviously, doing material which one was supposed to do over 3 months, in 7 days flat, is quite not possible. Especially if we’re talking about undergraduate mathematics. But I thought I will pass! And I failed!! And it’s the first time I have ever failed in anything related to studying! It came as such a shock, I was actually sitting and wondering why I am even bothering to study math in Hindu.


What did I expect out of this god forsaken place? That they will tell me the ‘Hows’ and ‘Whys’ of fourier series and uniform convergence? Or that they will, much like standard government education, tell me to read this and read that and be done with college, only to land in a stinking job of a mess? Damn. I wish I had some intuition or common sense before I thought of even applying in such a sham of a place. Yep, it’s the truth.

The Real truth behind mathematics honours in Hindu College

Out of 8 teachers who are supposed to be teaching me math, only 2 are decent enough to attend lectures of.  One of these two has in fact done research in abstract algebra (but again, sadly that doesn’t stop her from passing snide comments whenever I step up and ask a really basic question. Isn’t it her moral duty to answer it?) That leaves just one teacher out of eight who is willing to go out of her way to help weak students. And everyone really likes her.

  1. One teacher frankly says that whoever wants to study can stay and the rest can go. So no one really attends his class.
  2. Another teacher reads from his set of notes quite religiously, knowing full well that no one is getting anything. But since he’s doing his duty, all is well.
  3. There are three teachers who have a notebook which i’m guessing is nearly 5 or six years old. they have notes of their subjects which they probably repeat every year.
  4. This last guy also teaches from a set of notes – rarely does anyone get anything.

At the risk of defaming my college, I am telling you all this quite frankly because I don’t want you to waste your time.

About what I think of Hindu college and the kind of values that it passes on to its students (at least the ones in math):

1. That it’s quite okay to sit like dumb fucks in a class where the professor who is teaching says whatever crap he or she pleases to pacify herself into believing that he/she is doing a service to the nation by being a teacher. Yep. Ask any guy in my class why he comes to college, and he will proudly say ‘attendance‘ as if he’s getting tips on how to get laid.

2. That it’s really impolite to ask questions if you have any. I say this because a certain well-educated, aged, experienced, and nice at heart teacher doesn’t stop from saying the meanest of things when asked the stupidest of questions.
3. There are two exams that most people have to take. One are popularly known as ‘internals’, and the other one is the ‘main’ exam. Now most people want to get through these internals by cheating. I feel that cheating is the lowest thing that one could reduce themselves to. But in Hindu, sab chalta hai. Why do people cheat? It depends usually from person to person. The only conclusion I have reached is that these lying fools just want to scrape through college. If you plan to do the same, please don’t come at all – you will be wasting three years of your life (trust me on this, I am saying it from experience since I will hopefully graduate in another 3 months).
4. It’s quite alright to take tuitions from a ‘coaching institute’ (apparently a multi crore rupees in India now!) when you have paid fees for quality education from you college. What’s the point of going through college if you have to take extra classes outside of it?

I think everyone goes to college just so that they can have a degree in this or that after which they can land a comfortable job, either working as corporate slaves in an MNC or passing time as a lecturer in DU. This is true only in India. Baba Ramdev feels Indians are afraid. Of what, even I’m trying to figure out. I used to afraid of girls in school, but now I have a pretty and well spoken girlfriend (who sadly has the same issues as me).

My roomies feel that it’s the money – in the end, everyone needs money. It has become top priority for every damn soul. Be it the politicians, or the actors, the students or the teachers. It money money money everywhere. They feel that I can say all this bull shit so comfortably because I already have it, well before my time. Yes, instead of studying in college, I was busy minting money, but it pretty hard work. By the end of it, it had become a routine job much like anything else. I was brokering articles for a dollar/100 words. Thankfullly my movie blog, which I started around two years back, is becoming authoritative now. So I can chill a little bit and focus on other pressing issues.

Man. If this is the state of education in one of India’s premier institutes, I can only imagine what the rest of the country is going through. Hows that for channelizing irritated frustration in a more constructive manner? I have an exam on uniform convergence tomorrow, and here I am – sitting in a desolate internet cafe, blogging to a wall about the shit that’s floating around in our society. I hope someday I become capable enough of cleaning it up.