Last night I just finished watching Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction for the fourth time. I dont know when will the craving to watch another of his movies again arise. I get these sudden cravings from time to time to binge on eccentric movies such as the one’s made my Quentin Tarantino, Guy Ritchie and unka baap, Alfred Hitchcock. To me, these three guys are the epitome of filmmaking. I hope such skill can be mastered in Bollywood soon.

pulp fiction

They have influenced the genre of crime and suspense and thriller like no one before them and that’s the best part. Innovation and innovators are someone who will never be forgotten no matter what. Even though i am aware that there are many other directors who have influenced cinema when it comes to action and crime and suspense and thrillers, but they are mostly french or chinks (which includes japanese/chinese etc etc) and as of now, I am not that fond of dubbed movies. It takes away the sheen and part of the fun.

Pulp Fiction, for its own part, is an amazingly eccentric flick which I think might never be challenged by any other movie in these modern times.

This film is pure poetry. The stories merge so beautifully into each other, and come to such a fantastic climax, that one is left gaping at the creative genius of Tarantino. What I don’t understand is why they din’t give an Oscar to it. Surely deserved one!

They say the art and culture of a civilisation is a healthy measure of the progress of that civilization. By that measure, India had Mahabharata and Ramayana, epics in Poetry which talked about humans in such depth and mystery that has not been matched anywhere else in the world. Sadly, India also has C grade stuff to it’s credit. For example, this. I hope and pray that some day our great nation will wake up the loot and plundering that is happening at the hands of the ruling party due which such outrageous demands like separate Kashmir, a divided Andhra Pradesh, a chinese arunachal pradesh, etc etc is happening. If only people listened to Baba Ramdev more carefully. I hope this guy creates history in the next general elections because only God can save this country now!