I am usually a happy person. But why am I depressed all of a sudden. Is it the guilt of doing something which I shouldn’t have done years ago that still haunts me? Is it something bad or sinful that I have done which is troubling me and not allowing me to be happy and carefree like I used to be?

My mind is not at all calm. It is muddled and dirty for some reason. It refuses to see any kind of good in anything. The things I used to love a few days back seem boring and stale all of a sudden. The Gita says that desire and anger is the root cause of all evil. I have had plenty of desires of all my life. Every normal person does. Why is the result of those past desires making me sad and unhappy all of a sudden?

I began following the spiritual path (at least whatever little that my current lifestyle could allow me) in August or September of 2010. The spiritual high lasted for about 2 months (November and December)