Just in case you’re wondering what hidden mysteries are, here’s a tiny list:

  • Why do we love some people and why do we hate others?
  • What happens after death? Before birth? Is there anything that is predestined? Is everything predestined? Why don’t good times last forever even if you’ve been good all the time?
  • Why does Math seem so easy on the surface but ever so complicated once you delve into it deeply? (For example, when you are crossing the road, you brain does a complex number of calculations to determine your speed, the approx distance that you need to cover in an approx interval without getting run over by a car. Or when you are trying to understand why 2+2 is not always = 4.
  • Why are no two things the same? Are there any two things which are exactly the same? etc etc.

Damn! I just glanced over these questions which are popping in my head more often now than ever before and I am wondering where I’ve picked up these phrases. Such questions are crossing my mind all the time and it is getting really pissing off. I think my planets are not well-aligned.