An idle mind is a devil’s workshop they say. I think I have been idle for way too long because my mind seems to have become a devil’s workshop. Ghosts of the past come every now and then to say a not-so-polite hello. I keep getting really bad, mean, negative thoughts about the very things I really really loved some days back. Why I ask thee O Lord, why? Is it a test or a punishment that I have to endure?

Whatever’s happening to me ain’t too good but I am trying to live with it. The Gita opened doorways to a blissful life, it led me to believe that incorporating spirituality in one’s life was an easy task. Sure I would come across phrases in it such as ‘it’s not for the faint hearted’ and that one must ‘look at pain and pleasure through the same eyes’, etc etc. But God is very clever – he gave me a whiff of ecstasy for the first 2-3 months, drawing me towards this new found treasure like one is attracted towards seemingly important things such as money and power. Little do we realize that such things often have heavy collaterals to bear and one must accept full responsibility before taking any huge decisions.

Ok I don’t think I am making any sense whatsoever. Will watch the India Vs. South Africa world cup cricket match and get back whenever I feel like writing something.