Hey Guys,

I’ve been out of action on the blog for quite a while now because of college exams and will be for about a month more. You guys have done a great job so far, putting up really thoughtful articles every now and then.

However good the content maybe (though we still have a LONG way to go!), the traffic on the website has been slowly coming down. In the last 1 month, the traffic has come down by almost 54%. The reason is more than just competition or bad content. It was due to Google changing their algorithms ( check out the Panda update).

This letter will highlight some of common Search Engine Optimisation factors that you need to incorporate in all your articles hereon

You guys should keep these pointers in mind not only while blogging on Bollykings but on any other website.

Keyword Density – 2% – 3%

Keyword density means the combination of keywords/key phrases being used in a particular article in proportion with other words. There is no hard and fast rule to as what % of keywords should be there in a particular article. However, it is good practice to keep it around 2%-3%.

So lets say for a particular movie review article, the keyword phrase being targeted is Delly Belly Movie review. This particular keyword should appear at least appear 4-5 times in a 500-word article. (Being a keyword phrase and not a one word keyword).

Keyword Phrase in Post title

Always include the primary keyword in the title of the posts. The title should not be more than 70 Characters. Anything more than that and google spiders are programmed to ignore that.


Post title: Film – Review Haunted 3D

My Recommendation: haunted 3d review OR/AND Haunted 3d movie review

Why? Firstly, no one really searches films, hindi films, films reviews, haunted films review etc…

People generally search keywords like movie reviews, latest hindi movies (ranking 1#), Bollywood movies (ranking 2#), Haunted 3d Review is searched more than haunted 3d Movie review.

Check out this screenshot. This shows what all is being searched for haunted 3d these days.

Check this screenshot for the proof of what I said above. This will make the picture clearer and save you time with your research.

I am sure this will make the picture more clearer on what keywords and keyword phrases you have to use in your article for the SEO purpose.

Structure your article using H1, H2 and H3 tags

Ask yourself this: Would you rather read a wall of text or go through short digestible bits of information?

H1 tags should be used at least once in the page and should contain the focus keyword. H1 heading tags provide structure and pages without structure are harder for readers to assimilate.

When you structure your pages logically with one H1 tag, one or two H2 tags, the article becomes easy to follow. However, don’t go overboard and fill it with headings. Then it hurts the eye!

Keyword phrase in BOLD/Italic tags

The tags ‘bold’ and ‘strong’ make the enclosed text bold, whilst ‘italics’ and ’emphasis’ italicize the enclosed text. Used to emphasize important keywords and phrases to help search engines and human visitors identify the main topic of that page. Bold text is given more weight than ordinary text. Italic tag is therefore also more important than ordinary text. But it’s important to know that only important words/keywords should be done that.

Keyword phrase in first sentence or second at least.

Very important. But if you feel that adding the keyword breaks the flow of the article, than chuck it.

Keyword phrase in last sentence.

Again, very important.

Both these factors are really important if you want the article to rank high on the search engines. A screenshot is uploaded for the most popular article of the website and how the search engines show this article to the people that search

Internal Links / Outgoing Links

I am not going to say much about this. But check out this article which basically tells more about what internal links are and how do them behave for the website/article/SEO.


Word count

Please try and be as lucid as possible. 9 out of 10 readers read the headline which is why I’ve said time and again to make it really creative and catchy. out of 9, 4 readers move beyond the first paragraph. The rest merely scan through. Make your articles interesting by writing them in a variety of formats. Try ‘mock’ interviews, lists, stories, etc. Research. Please try and break the mold to get something which is truly creative. I guess I should be leading by example here which I will once these darned exams are over.

Check the Permalink Before you Publish

http://www.bollykings.com/404-%E2%80%93-a-psychological-thriller/  – I don’t want such links

Aliter – http://www.bollykings.com/404-a-psychological-thriller/  – A clean link devoid of all junk characters.

An important tool which none of you use WordPress SEO YOAST:

This is how the articles are being published.
The same article analysis by that wonderful tool - Look how badly it has been done.

This is how every post should look like.

Wouldn't this look better ?
AMAZING isn't it - a few tweaks can make your article SEO friendly.

Please use this plugin. Add the focus keyword, title, meta description, etc in the boxes. Read the page analysis to get a general idea about the quality of your article, SEO wise. Please please use these features so that the ratings can go up once again.