Exams have ended and with them, so has my college life in Hindu College. It was an okayish life I guess. In the end, though, I do have a  couple of regrets. Seeing the cut offs now (as much as 100% in SRCC for pursuing BCom) I realize that getting through DU is quite a stiffie now. I made it to Hindu College quite easily because I had worked my ass off in school. So I should’ve made better use of this opportunity to attend college in a premier college (atleast compared to other C Grade places in the country). But I didn’t. Instead, I spent the time as most of the people in Colleges do – ‘chillin’.

I guess the time to chill is now over now that college is over. I have to make a fresh start to my future career, which I am still deciding on. What should I be? Should I be an online marketer, copy writer, web designer or what? What I really want to be is someone like Steve Jobs. “To put in ding in the universe”.

If there’s one aspiration that I’ve had from the time I was six of seven years old, it has been to be an inventor. I want to create something new.Something for the betterment of society. And not just technology related. Technology in my experience becomes obsolete very quickly. As a result, it usually leads to a lot of e-waste. I want to contribute in an environmental friendly way to harm nature as little as possible. Unfortunately, I know zilch about engineering, thanks to the beautiful education system in this country which tends to bleed high performing students completely dry. Either that or the grading system in school is bull shit – inflating your grades more than you’re actually worth. No point cribbing about this, have cribbed enough already.

It’s going to be a very difficult journey, I know that considering the fact that my skill set is only limited to writing and marketing a little bit online. I have expand it drastically to be able to create something of value.

Yeah, during my three years in college, I had managed to create a movie blog which had peaked monthly page views of 500,000 in April. But due to the darned exams, some bad writers I had hired and outsourced some of the content to and Panda updates by Google, the traffic has come down to only a couple of hundred people a day. I don’t know whether I will be able to take the blog to former glory (I had a lot of top rankings on Google! I think I will formulate a strategy so as to rely less on Google for my traffic and make a loyal fanbase for the blog so that such occurences do that happen again.

Sigh. How My Blog's Viewership has declined over the last few months.

I am going through something which the Greeks called ‘Hubris’. When one gets everything in life at an early age, they start challenging the Gods, showing their arrogance and pride. The Gods, well aware of such an attitude, are only too eager to reply. And they strike back with a thunderbolt so strong, it displaces you from your socks in a matter of minutes. You’re knocked back into your sense to realize that life is not rosy and peachy all the time.

I had started making quite a sizeable income before I turned 21. A nice solid profit off my online ventures, more than anything which any of my friends from school or college would dream off, two or three years after college. I don’t remember strutting my feathers in public or gloating about my achievements but I feel I did give off vibes which showed off this luck and hard work.

But now I seem to have come back full circle. With nothing to fall back upon, I have to start a new venture soon and work on my blog too, right from scratch. This time the competition is much more stiff than it was three years back.

Shall keep you posted on my progress.