Hmm. It’s a nice cloudy, windy Sunday today. I do not have a real job which brings me any money. I don’t need any money immediately because my father and his brothers work hard to support the family. Hmm. Am I a spoilt kid of 21 whose using the pretext of a-stressful-college- life-and-I-need-a-gap-year to be a lazy bum?

Nah. Scratch that. Instead of seeing myself as a spoilt child, I think I will go with lucky. You see, if one doesn’t have to struggle really hard (which so many people in my country have to) for their daily bread, one can definitely count himself as a lucky son-of-a-…. Hmm. Expletives are yet another character trait on which I still have to take a stand. Should I use expletives in my writing or not? Does it seem wannabe or what? I have read quite a number of blogs where the writers cuss all over. They shit and fuck and bitch all over the place. I don’t see any point to it. Or is there a point to it? I guess I’ll push it aside for now. There are other issues which need deep thought.

Anna Hazare wants to fast again. The government is shit scared. Sonia Gaandu, is as usual, mum on the issue. I’m waiting for Dickvijay Singh to come up with one of his stupid, ill-informed quotes. Ironically, everyone seems to be wondering whether we’re really independent. What with the hunger fasts, andolans and “Jail Bharo” proclamations.

Anyway, I just glanced over the title of this post which reads brand new things to be done. What will I do about the corruption in the country? Can I do anything? Can I come up with ideas or something? Leverage the internet somehow? Or do I need to study the core issues, take up political science, spend a day or two with ol’ Anna, and then think of a new strategy? I’m sure there is something that a little drop like me can pitch in to help the gang. What, I haven’t given it much thought. Still wondering how to start making money again. Selfish door knob that I am. And uncreative (selfish door knob??).

I’m thinking too much. Doing too little. Hmm.