Diversion. Confusion. Distraction. Too many ideas coming in at once.

I find it really difficult to stick to the topic at hand. I start writing with something in mind and midway through, I realize that I’m yapping on about something completely different. I start with the intention of writing about some of my experiences, building on to the lessons I have learnt, and useful takeaways for the readers.

Instead, my articles tend to be heavily autobiographical in nature. I don’t know what I should do about it. Whether I should publish personal/private stories or not.

I think I will go with a balanced approach. Share a little in every blog post. Not all at once. For that reason, I will not publish the whole “My story” article in one blow but ease the reader gradually in to my story. Perhaps that will reduce the self-obsession a little bit and the blog won’t look like a personal rambling.