I am thinking of working on a project which has been long overdue. The idea had first struck me when my entrepreneurial spirits were at its peak in November last year. I had registered the domain lazysouls.com then thinking I will someday inspire lazy people to be more energetic. To live happier, more productive lives.

But before I could do that, God decided to make me go through a phase of intense depression. Out of the blue, I was over thinking, over analysing and worrying about the littlest things. I was thinking about all the mistakes I had done in the past, feeling guilty about them, my character flaws, and other negatives about life. The phase started from February and I am still coming out of the phase, learning and unlearning new things everyday.

So I’ve decided this until I can think of anything else to do. For now, this seems to hold my interest. I have had enough of outsourcing and crappy content writing. It’s time to devote myself to something a little nobler.

You see, the technology brings a lot of pros and cons. But often, we don’t give a damn about the cons, and eventually it destroys the quality of life. I aim to make my life more fruitful, document how I am going about it, and help others do the same.

It’s a self-development blog which I am planning with under tones of personal experience, tutorials, life lessons, business on the internet, etc. But I am highly confused as to what my approach should be. The goal is simple: To inspire others to live a better, happier life. And educate them about the internet economy. Not a lot of people know about the possibilities of making money online. I want to sort of teach others through this blog. But the MMO (make money online) niche is heavily crowded. There are plenty of people doing the same thing. I am trying to come up with a different approach. Shall keep you posted. The lazy souls blog will have focused content. This blog will have all my ramblings which tend to pour out once I sit and start writing.