The country is being pillaged by looters and rapists and we, the youth of this country, do little more than rant or rave about the widespread corruption everywhere. I wonder when will ‘system’ actually change. I know it will because the times keep changing. There are roughly 650 million people living on Rs.20/day in India today. A country whose economy has seen a growth of 8% over the last two years when the world has been in a sick recession. A country with one of world’s youngest population.

MG said :

Be the change you want to see.

What change do I want to see in my country?

Let me see. I want people around me to have a deeper sense of national pride than they already have. I want everyone to appreciate kurta pyjamas as much as they love their guccis and armanis. I want Hindi and Marathi to be considered as sophisticated as English, especially when in the company of nosy bitches. But then again, my wanting something does not make it happen. I gotta do something about it to bring about change. I gotta lead by example mate. I should probably start blogging in Hindi, for starters. Learn typing in Hindi as fluently as I can type in English. Heck, the Hindi which I hear most people speak is so crass and trashy. How can we change such things? How can I start some kind of nationalist movement? I think its about time we the people did something yo? Hmm. Perhaps my next business venture will address this problem. I have to put in more thought and some research as to where the actual problem lies and what I can do about it.

Atleast I’m progressing from the ‘I could, I should, I would’ group of people to the ‘I can, I will, I must’ type. Which group do you belong in? Now now, don’t be shy. I would love to hear your comments.