This was yet another post orginally intended for the lazysouls blog but I am, for some reason unknown to me, not posting it there. Better get it down on paper before I forget about this.

When I had started Bollykings, I had absolutely no idea about blogging. I was absolutely clueless as to how I was supposed to go about developing the content for it. After approximately three years of struggling, I have learnt quite a bit. I will keep posting what all I have learnt either on this blog or on Lazysouls.

How I came up with the idea of developing a better writing guideline:

I am following Darren Rowse’s “The First week of Blogging eBook”. It is absolutely packed with information. There are tons of ideas to take one’s blog off to a flying start. But there’s a catch (and there’s always is a catch to any piece of free advice you receive, including from me). You have to get off your ass and work. No bull shit excuses. There I divert again.

Anyway, Darren has written in it that one must have a publishing guideline. A sort of checklist of basic elements that every blog post should have. This has a lot of benefits, the most important one being that your content tends to be uniform in quality. Keep an industry standard checklist with key points that make any copy, good copy. I don’t yet know whether I should keep my guideline public but let’s see how it does. If you have any additions or subtractions, do comment.

My “Better Writing” Guideline

(Notes to self: Come up with a catchier headline than this lame one above, please. And come up separate posts for the explanations of how you’ve implemented the said guidelines. If Maths has taught me one thing, its that you learn much faster by studying examples rather than reading the theory. I think I will share examples and leave it to the industry leaders to share the theory.)

  • Write a solid headline. According to Brian Clark, 8 out of 10 people will read it. Only 2 out of ten will read the whole article. I have not mastered the art of writing killer headlines yet. If you want to start, I would highly recommend Copyblogger’s definitive guide to headline writing. Scoot here to read.
  • Avoid these words. Keep them to a bare minimum. They destroy good writing. Thanks to Jeff Goins for writing an excellent article about these. They are:
  1. Stuff
  2. Things
  3. Got
  4. Went
  5. Was/Is/Are/Am
  6. So
  7. Really
  8. Very
  9. Actually
Read Jeff’s article for a better idea. I will add more words to this list because I am sure there are plenty of them which wreck the impact of one’s writing.
  • Substantiate your posts. Do this by adding links from authoritative sources as it will add credibility to your argument.
  • Avoid a wall of text. Break it up into short digestible paragraphs.
Shall add more pointers to this list as time goes by. That’s all for now.