I have made another small promise to myself. To write atleast one helpful/valuable post for my lazysouls blog every week. Just focus on that one single post and improve upon it as much as I can.

Before I write any post, I am going to write the aim of the post in simple questions and keep checking back on this.

The 3 main questions are:

  • The aim of the blog post?Takeaways?
  • Does it offer something valuable to the reader?
  • Examples/Illustrations?

The 3 secondary ones:

  • Is the writing crisp and english correct?
  • Has the topic been tackled before on other similar blogs? Links to research?
  • Followup? Connection to previous posts or to new ideas?
  • Images?


  •  Titles?
  • Seo?Keyword to target?
  • Formatting? USP?