We all think of interesting ideas and keep planning for days and months on end. But there are very few people who actually execute their ideas till the end. And it’s always better to be a doer than merely a thinker because doing and thinking are two completely different acts. I used to be a doer. But I became boring with what I was doing and so now I’ve become a thinker thinking what to do next.

Start Something New
By jakeandlindsay

But what is stopping me from doing that something? With this gift of life and time that I have, why don’t I do something valuable with it? I am listing down some of the feelings/traits which are currently bugging me and keeping me from starting a new project.

1. Lack of Good Ideas

I am trying to come up with a solid business idea. Not merely something which I sell to make a living. But something which makes a difference to people’s lives. I want to commit myself to “creating something valuable” but I’m quite clueless as to where I should start. Is the goal to big for me to handle? Should I start out without this philosophy?

2. Lack of Initiative

A character trait which is perhaps my biggest challenge. I have noticed that I lack initiative unlike the days of yore when I was full of it. I am trying to motivate myself to stop coming up with excuses and take the plunge. But it’s more difficult than I thought it would be.

3. Consistency

I have yet to develop the habit of working hard “consistently“. I often burnout. I think that happens because I end up letting the work control me, instead of me controlling it. Like Chuck Palahniuk puts it:

The things that you own…end up owning you.

You see, once you lose touch with what you are doing, and once money fails to attract you as much as value does, you really start questioning your beliefs. Which is what is keeping me from taking some forward action.

4. Keeping one’s head together

The mind is a funny thing. It can come up with all sorts of excuses to prevent you from changing it. To prevent you from controlling it. When I was a workaholic 6 months back, I used to tell everyone that it was best to be occupied with something fruitful rather than merely cramming something to keep family happy.

Now I am of the opinion that one must dedicate oneself to a higher cause. This is nothing but an excuse to not do any work. I’ve somehow lost that drive I had and I so wish I had it. Maybe this is a sign that better things are yet to come.

3. Focusing on the stuff that matters

I think I have long been focusing on the skills that I don’t have. I suck at programming. I have just the bare minimum knowledge of photoshop. And I don’t have solid ideas. And the worst part is that I know I shouldn’t be focusing on what I don’t have. Instead, I should be focusing on what I have: I am young so I have time, I have some money saved up so if a new business requires some seed money, I will be able to fund it. And thankfully, I’m educated enough to read and write, intelligent enough to acquire knowledge once I’m inspired and able enough, physically and mentally, to put it to good use through.

It all boils down to one essential missing ingredient: Will.

The will. I need to build that will. Herculean, unshakable, powerful, visionary, fantastic. All you need is the will…to power. That’s what Nietzsche would have told me.

Hmm. It’s quite surprising. What you start with and what you end up with once you begin writing for yourself. I am getting drawn day by day to the idea of writing every day for myself. The medium of writing helps you in so many ways, I am realizing. For one, the fact that all of us wish to be good people because that in our very innate nature helps you come up with good ideas. On the other hand, you become an object of self criticism and over analysis if you keep thinking and don’t pen down your thoughts. Later on, once in high spirits, you can always go back to see what you were rambling about. This is what I do. And what have you been upto? I will be quite surprised if you read this page till here. If you have anything interesting to add to this boring monologue ramble, please comment. I’d love to talk.