It’s 2 o’clock in the P.M right now. I have done nothing too productive ever since I got up around 10 in the A.M. To feel a little better and so that I can tell myself that I did something productive, I am writing this post. So what should I write about? Let’s see..okay, have been meaning to pen it down – some lame business ideas.

Lame business ideas that are only…sigh…just ideas

I have yet to start on producing any worthwhile content for the lazy souls blog – the current center of my universe. I have not pinned down what I aim to achieve with the blog and that sort of echoes the general lack of direction I have. In my spare time or when I am day dreaming, several business ideas have been zipping by in my head including:

  1. A commercially profitable blog. I sometimes want to work on a powerful blog which aims to change the lives of people somehow. That’s a big goal. I need to change myself first. Self examination is the first step and what you’re reading is one of those examinations. I am planning out a blog which sort of chronicles this change from a larva to a butterfly. I want to develop the skill of a proficient writer because that’s one skill you can arm twist people for if you’ve got your basic right. Currently my writing is rather distracted. I am trying to make it crisp. Concise. And funny. Life sucks with a joke now and then yo! Perhaps this blog will document all that. Or how to live a better life. I can’t really teach that to other folks until I live a better life myself. Of course, that would again depend on one’s definition of a better life. In my case, it definitely is not more money.
  2. A web design and development firm. This is a relatively easy job. The excitement will build up with time I guess and this is also the least riskiest bet I can place right now. Not a lot of people are doing justice to the web design industry in India. They are mostly ripping off people owing to the general lack of knowledge towards the internet industry in my country. Very few people develop with WordPress – the tool of my choice. They are happy with good ol’ html templates and business directories. As of now, this seems to be the logical step considering my experience online. Plus with outsourcing being as easy as ever, I don’t really need a proper office. Let’s see. I have till September to figure out else I’ll probably go ahead with this and at the same time, tell you guys how I did it with #1 above.
  3. A search engine optimization company. Yet another safe bet. The only problem with SEO is that I consider it to be a parasitic industry – one that thrives on rented land. No Google, no SEO. I don’t want to build my future in an industry which can only thrive on the power of another company. Too risky. I know Google ain’t going anywhere but with the kind of changes that we see everyday, I’m quite sure SEO might become obsolete (if not entirely) and pave way for social media optimization. That again depends on whether Facebook or Twitter are able to match up their innovations against Google. What with the Google+ thingy coming out and attacking the social media army.
  4. A film production company. This is a total whim. A figment of a skewed, unemployed imagination. The sad truth is that I have absolutely zero experience in the film making line. Watching and loving good films is quite separate from actually making one. Going to a film school now…not too sure if I’m bold enough to take that step. Besides, I’d enjoy making movies the Robert Rodriguez way. It would be more fun I think. I think I’ll make a movie when I have something powerful to say or show through video. Till then, this fancy shall remain a fancy.
  5. Environment/Health related gig. I am also toying with the idea of an Ayurvedic products or natural/organic ingredients based consumer goods company. You know, supply people with stuff which can replace chemicals and perform the same tasks without harming the environment. Improve people’s health through ayurveda. I personally haven’t really tried any ayurvedic treatment yet because the need hasn’t come (thankfully), but I will. I don’t really know yet. I am still flipping around from one side to another on this. Every person is doing something or the other. Few are bothered about Nature. Should I start bothering myself about it? I don’t know.

What is stopping me?