The internet can be a major pain in the butt. There are so many interesting to read, it leads to info overload. Tim Ferriss has mentioned something about a low information diet. I need to go on that I think. Whenever I start browsing, I often end up opening 30 odd tabs! Anyone who sees me reading from such as array of websites think I’m losing it slowly.



I didn’t write anything yesterday because I was out of the house the whole time. Met 6 interesting people yesterday and 1 very interesting girl today.

I hope you’re reading this, chadda.

The first person I met yesterday is called Shivangni. A very nice and friendly girl, I met her during an internship and have remained friends ever since. She has a habit of cracking jokes which, if OD’ed on, might give you suicidal tendencies. No offense, Shiv. Just kidding. She’s studying OR in DU. Poor girl. I hope she comes out alive and fresh, not dead and dry. Other than that, she’s ok.

The next stop was at Mrs. Murgai’s in vasant vihar. A very active lady, this lady is quite the inspiration for me at times. I hope I’m as active as her, if not more, when I reach that age. I hope I reach that age. Sometimes I don’t want to because I can’t imagine the state of this beautiful planet 20-30 years down the line. Wonder if anyone will even be around or whether we’ll be annihilated in a nuke war. Anyway, she is an active blogger, housewife, grandmum, mum, and socialite. We used to work together on my movies blog which (sniff) is in a coma right now. Let’s hope I get the opportunity to work with her again. The pleasure was all mine, ma’am. I still don’t know whether to call you aunty, ma’am or Mridula.

After this, I met the Paliwal clan, from good ol’ Bulandshahr. He’s a childhood chum of mine since the good ol’ days from Welham Boys, when the days were merry and lifes full of trivial jokes and innocent smiles. I’m quite lucky to have him as a pal. He has a habit of being slightly jazbaati at times and yesterday, he was full on about this and that. We were chilling at TLR in Hauz Khas and on the way out, saw a couple making out in their car in the parking spot. I just realized my writing is dry and humourless and unintelligent. I’d rather sleep and talk some sense tomorrow. Rambling rambling rambling…Why do you ramble so much man? Will you get to the point already? I need to meet new people I think.  Nightey bro. I can’t even sign off without rambling. I need to find a good synonym for rambling. Why are such random rambles coming inside the good ol’ skull? Wierd. Weird. So many people spell it wrong.

Anyway! Good night now. I’ll go sleep for a day now.