Concentrate on the “doing”.

Kill the:

1. Talking and endless planning. I think it’s time to let my work speak for itself.

2. Thinking about it and not actually doing anything. Stop telling people unless you’ve already done it Mr. Modi.

3. Researching and reading about how others are doing it. Find your own creative spark. Trial and error.

4. Worrying about the result. Pleasure is in the journey. Not the destination. All that you need, you already have it in you. Don’t jump around a monkey from this to that. Focus. Settle on one nice, juicy, meaty goal and work work work. Stop being so lazy.

5. Coming up with excuses. Your mind is an expert when it comes to coming up with excuses. The other day, I was thinking of going for a walk but talked my self out of it. The reason? I thought I would be too lame to walk, its what old people do. Instead, I sat around house probably doing something trivial.

I should have walked. It’s better than sitting. And definitely better than poring over Facebook.

Things I have to start, today!

Start doing. Start writing. Start making mistakes. Start taking risks. Start failing. Start moving towards gradual little successes. Start batting, you will eventually hit a six. Start moving out of your comfort zone. Start talking to random people.

Start making an effort.

Start making a difference.