I am finally getting feverish with excitement. And ideas, as I write this.

This is a short blog post to update you guys.

It’s about my next venture. I want your opinions first though since you’re my most loyal readers (hopefully :)).

The niche is social entrepreneurship. It’s too vast a field for me to handle on my own right now but I want to test the idea of it. It appeals to me much more than any other profession in today’s time. Therefore, I plan to break into this sector through a sub niche: Education.

So basically, I am planning to start a venture which concerns education, is socially uplifting as it empowers the have-nots, and is profitable at the same time. Yep, that’s the keyword. Profit. Unfortunately, money has the loudest voice in today’s world. Anything which has money associated with it is noteworthy and newsworthy. And the issue of education is perhaps the most pressing problem of our times. What with the excessive information, distractions, and confusions. We have lost quite a lot of that creativity. Now people already know the millions they stand to make if they invest in education. But they rarely focus on good learning.

That’ll be our USP. Brilliant, effective, interesting and inclusive learning.

The blog I am planning (and the associated tools with it) are aimed at filling this dire need. I kept searching the net for a market need around which a business model could be built. Little did I realize the obvious answer was staring me in the face.

I plan to aimed distracted students who hate studying in class. Students who feel that the correct way to live a fullfilling life is to work hard in school, work really at hard cracking the competition and winning the rat race and then landing a nice comfortable job. Students who feel that if they didn’t perform well in school, are unintelligent and useless and only fit to wait tables or answer phone calls. For a nice comfortable 65 years. Pathetic.

I hate to see something as noble as a human being being tortured and unneccesarily being drilled into learning that way of life.

Ok, enough about these ambitious plans. I have been talking more and more and more and walking very less on the path that I seem to preach. I’ve gotta talk the walk before I expect to make an impact with this.

But that’s my goal. (Read this page for simpler terms).