When you don’t have a job to go to, a class to attend or an exam to write…you’re pretty jobless. Which is what I am. In sophisticated language, I’m taking a sabbatical.

For the last few days, I have been planning, scheming and cooking up ideas in my spare time, trying to figure out a meaningful career for myself. Fancying creating a creative business of my own, earning my millions and enjoying the good life. I have yet to get my definition of ‘a good life’ right. I have thought about this before too. I was brainstorming some ideas and this is what I came up with:

My list of top 22 possible career choices after Graduation

  1. Scientist.
  2. Engineer.
  3. Mathematician.
  4. Finance/Investment Ninja.
  5. Indian Civil Services Officer.
  6. Police Inspector.
  7. Responsible Politician.
  8. Corrupt Politician.
  9. Writer.
  10. Full time Blogger.
  11. Film maker/Script writer.
  12. Social Entrepreneur.
  13. Business man/Industrialist/Corporate Honcho
  14. Start a Think Tank.
  15. Waste Recycling.
  16. Green/Alternative Energy Sector.
  17. Travel Journalist.
  18. Confused, Job-Seeking, Just-Another-Cog-in-the-blood-sucking-corporate world Worker Ant.
  19. Drug Peddler/Hippie/Guitarist/Magician/Astrologer.
  20. Organic Farmer.
  21. Spiritual Guru.
  22. Bhajans Organizer{Mandli} (There’s shitloads of money in this, in case you’re wondering whether I’ve lost my mind.)
These are the 22 things which I came up with this morning. I’ll quickly analyse each option along with whether I have the required skill set or not.
  • Scientist, Engineer, Mathematician and think tank – I dont’t think I have the required skills and qualifications to make it big with these in India. Perhaps I could collaborate with people who are most passionate in these areas.
  • Finance is a little boring. It’s only about money. I’m not that greedy right now. Plus it requires tons of math and I’m recovering from a math overdose. But the money is good.
  • IAS and Police and Politics..Hmm..Will require tons of studying and hard work. I don’t really know why I would want to get into this..money and power I guess. Plus I doubt if I have the shrewdness to survive as a politician. But the money is freaking good!
  • Writer/Blogger – Most probable option since I can write legibly and have some experience in the industry. Money is average. I can survive if I live minimally.
  • Industrialist – Nah. There are way too many polluting industries in the world right now. We need something effective to counter that.
  • Waste Recycling/ Green Energy/Organic Farming: Quite a possible choice. Plenty of demand and scope. We desperately need to cultivate sustainable living habits. Will require plenty of science and engineering and money though. Let’s file this away right now.
  • Travel Journalist/Filmmaker/Script Writer/Drug Peddler/Hippie/Guitarist – My parents will lose it if I talk about this to them. I’d rather file these away too. 15 years of education would be wasted if I ended up smuggling marijuana. My sense of humour has definitely gone down.
  • Confused, Job-Seeking Worker Ant into sales/marketing.Nah. There’s way too many people doing this in India right now. I wouldn’t have an edge then.
  • Bhajans Organizer/Spiritual Guru – I have a solid interest spirituality and the occult. And there’s plenty of money in this too (A friend’s brother made 50,000 in one night of bhajans through donations and good will. Sri Sathya Sai Baba and Baba Ramdev have a combined wealth of a over 40,000 crores.)