A lot of times, we are unhappy because of other people. Their behaviour towards us, how they treat us, what they say to us matters a lot. A difficult boss, a nosy friend, a nagging wife – we all have different people who bother us.

How can you be happy with unhappy people around you?

Well, our first impulse is usually to change them. I remember preaching sermons, debating long and hard, angry arguments in the last several years because I thought I could change people if I kept at it. How wrong I was.

The key to changing other people and hence remove them as a possible cause of unhappiness is to change yourself.

It seems old Mr. Gandhi was right. Be the change you want to see. I want to change the world. My world. At least do whatever I can to improve my life and the life of those around me. But I have realized that change begins from me – this is one vital lesson which I wanted to share.

Ignoring my own shortcomings, I would try to change other people. But fixing my shortcomings, the effort that goes, is in itself a consistent silent lesson to those around you to change, without you have to directly tell them. It’s a sweet approach, with much less anger and friction between you and your environment.