It seems old Mr. Gandhi was right. Be the change you want to see. I want to change the world. At least do whatever I can to make this pathetic world beautiful again. But change begins from you – this is one vital lesson which I have learnt so far in my sabbatical.

I hadn’t realized earlier that to change the world, I would first have to change myself first. I would go about preaching this and that to friends and family, not knowing that what I was saying was falling on deaf ears. Ignoring all my own shortcomings, I would try to change other people. But that approach failed severely.  I was dazed and confused.This new approach of leading by example seems more practical.

So I’ve been changing myself, one habit at a time. Changing habits is a little difficult once you are 21 years old.


Moving on, one of the habits I have changed is that I have started reading books again. Its been about a month and I can already feel the impact its having on my ideas and writing. Here’s my current reading list. Please do suggest books if you’ve come across any remarkable pieces of writing.

Thanks a ton to the following people (for now. there are tons of other people in the offline world who I have to thank) :

1. Mridula ma’am – You inspire me like anything.

2. Manasi P – For suggesting I read again. You’re an intelligent girl. Please don’t be lazy.

3. Apurva T – For being there for me when I needed you most. For all your love.

4. Awijit P – For being a true bro inspite of everything. You’re the man!