I’m so high right now. Not on some on lousy drug.

I’m high on my new iPad.

God bless Steve jobs and their team of geniuses over at apple for inventing a new way of life. For taking us years into the future. I wish I can innovate like them someday.

I bought this glitzy high tech notepad, computer, diary, calendar, book reader, remote controller and a million other things yesterday. And I’m quite ecstatic right now. Let’s hope this ecstasy lasts for a bit because as is the norm with all things material, the excitement tends to wear off after some time.

My only misgivings and hunch is, as with other pieces of technology, that this might end up corrupting my brain from addictive usage and I really don’t know how I’m gonna curb my iPad usage. Anyway, let me not be a party – pooper. I’ll go get stoned on this revolution. This drug. This mistress of mine.

I’ll go into the details and how I’ve been using this fantastic shit over the next few days. Adios till then!