I met an uncle recently who works at the local goushala (diary) in my hometown of Hapur. He is the president of the goushala.

We were talking and randomly I started talking about Potty. And then it struck me. Why not do something about the tons of potty which is generated at the goushala? Put up a biogas plant or something. I asked him if it had been done over there and to my surprise, he answered in the negative.

With 1350 cows crapping everyday, it doesn’t take a lot of brains to realize the organic capital the dairy generates. Why hadn’t they put it to better use?

Do epic shit.

He clarified that they had talked to a couple of companies regarding the issue but the technology was not feasible. Me on the other hand thought that Biogas was something which almost every rural Indian household produced for their cooking needs.

But obviously, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

I’m now thinking of a new business project with Potty running at the core of it. It would be grand if I could create some magic with all the cow dung.

In fact, I’ve become so excited with the whole thing over the past few days that I registered a domain name and set up a Facebook fan page.

Please like it on Facebook to get regular updates on how I’m going on about the whole plan. If you’re interested on working on the project, do get in touch. It will be fun. We’ll be creating magic with shit.