Seems like I need to change a little bit yet again. I have begun fighting with close friends more than often. Petty things become huge discussions and I end up arguing when I hadn’t even intended to do it. Why am I being like this?

I think it’s the lack of focus and clarity in my thinking. Maybe I need to meditate on one and one thing only. Maybe I need to read one book at time (I have several books which I began but left after reading 50-60 pages, moving onto other titles). Maybe I need to take on one project at a time instead of dabbling myself in several things.

Can’t blame myself. Our lovely education system kind of ingrains this habit in us. Make them do 18 odd papers in Mathematics. Who gives whether the sorry little chums like you and me learn any math skills in even 3 of these papers.

Anyway, I really need to figure out a way to stop fighting with friends I love and let them be. Everyone has a different outlook towards life. They are entitled to living life their own way but if they are doing so at the cost of their health, shouldn’t it be your duty to guide them in a better, more holistic direction? How do you get them to change their outlook?

A question which is bugging me – Is it possible to change others by simply giving them advice?

I think I am slowly getting an answer to this question.