Once upon a time, there were three friends in a forest – a rabbit, a duck, and a sparrow. The rabbit was a really good runner for he could cross the forest within an hour. The duck was an exceptional swimmer for he could swim across the lake in half an hour. And sparrow was a superb flier – he could fly across the valley within minutes. They were thick pals and they enjoyed what they did. Even if it did not get them any material riches.

One fine day, their parents decided it was time to enroll them in the forest school so that they could get a formal education and make something out of their lives. So the rabbit, duck and sparrow were put in the same class. They were taught three subjects – swimming, flying and running. The teacher was a cranky strict turtle, 150 years old, who was pretty old school when it came to teaching.

As time flew and the months rolled by, the students began to learn new skills. However, they faced some really serious problems. The rabbit, whilst a really good running, was terrible at swimming. Instead of being encouraged to run faster, he was pushed to improve his swimming skills. The duck was being pushed to learn flying when in reality, all she really enjoyed was swimming. And the sparrow, poor bird. He was being caned for not running faster.

The turtle really drew them up the wall for not being able to do everything.

After two years, their parents came to meet them and they saw the weariness on their kids’ faces. Something really terrible had happened.

The rabbit had become a mediocre swimmer and he had forgotten how to run.

The duck forgot swimming and had accepted mediocre flying as his forte.

And the sparrow forgot flying, substituting it for something which  he had never been meant to do – running.

I think this is what is happening all over the country. We are being taught how to be distracted. And thanks to the flashing array of high tech things such as iPhone, iPads, Laptops and TV, the problem seems to be growing exponentially.

I recently bought an iPhone and an iPad and whilst these are amazing tools to work and enjoy games and a whole world of applications, they are extremely distracting. We tend to do 10,000 things 5,000 times a day and the result is mediocrity.

We should be concentrating on doing only a few things 50,000,000 times and it will really get us somewhere.