Why do Indian parents force their kids into ‘safe’ career options when the country is witnessing a vast change in it’s overall outlook? Why do they want their kids to go into careers which have ‘several options’ or where the ‘scope’ is limitless? Isn’t this morally wrong – to impose one’s own wishes on the kid?

I read somewhere that making each and every decision for your child has a lot of severe disadvantages which are often overlooked. A – It will severely affect your kid’s ability to make decisions. B – There’s a tendency to impose one’s own wishes and desires which have not been fulfilled after one’s own life has finished, on the kids.

If the kid wants to do something else, shouldn’t they be allowed to do so? Especially after college when they are old enough to decide?

baking as a career
What! You want to bake cakes for a living?!?!?!

A friend of mine is fond of baking. Now baking as a career is definitely not the conventional career path that parents choose for their kids in our country. But if this person wants to bake for a living, if she loves this more than anything else and is willing to work hard at it, why not give her a chance?

I seriously feel that a majority of Indian parents have stopped having fun in life, they have stopped growing up. Especially in Delhi. After all, there is so much ‘competition’ in the world right? What will happen if they don’t choose a high paying career? Money is so important right? Much more important than having fun in life?

We are born in this world as beautiful little creatures as babies. White, pink, soft and tender. As the years go by, we become old and old and old and old..and as we become old, we usually become unhappy about this and that. Critical and cynical about things in life, we try and enjoy whatever little we can. Why do people do this to themselves? Why can’t I have fun all the time? Is it is necessary to be ‘serious’ so that we can face the competition and make big bucks? What if I don’t want to? Why should I spend the day working like a log earning 2 lac per month salary when I’m content with making 20 grand a day?