After barely 5 blog posts, very very little work, and loads of procrastinated laziness, I have decided to end my stupid 30 day challenge.

Well, it did teach me a few things.

  • Before you can attempt to build huge things such as bio gas plants, you need to start with little things. Such as good habits.
  • One of the most important things which prevented me from doing any solid productive work was lack of discipline. Lesson – Cultivate a discipline in your daily life.
  • Secondly – task managers, reminders, alarms, to do lists and all the fancy productivity tools out there are pretty useless in the face of laziness. Chuck them. Delete them. Use a pen and paper to remember things. Do one thing at a time. I have decided not to use elaborate project management tools and not create elaborate to do lists which rarely get ticked off completely.
  • Thirdly, keeping a physical fitness plan is very important. I had no physical fitness goals which is probably why my mind was also in complete disarray. I’ve decided to start running everyday starting tomorrow.
Let’s hope my next 30 day challenge or whatever challenge I make is more fruitful and enriching.
If you’re free and have absolutely nothing to do, you can read my progress here: