Two extremely thought provoking videos I found over at Youtube which made me  question about the value of a college degree these days.

What with all the talented people with degrees roaming about headless and jobless and crooks ruling the world, I think it’s time educators, students and their parents rethink what education means and how to ensure their kids get the best kind of education.

Sure, all schools and colleges are not bad. But, do they guarantee an open, creative mind, fit enough to solve the challenging problems of today? Is text book teaching, OHP sheets, assignments and tests enough to meet the needs? Are they truly giving us a holistic, organic education?

And above all, is it worth the investment when there are relatively cheaper alternatives such as the internet and nature (nature can teach us extremely powerful lessons, cynic) available? Are we turning out to be independent thinkers or mindless slaves? Aren’t we working away all our youth and energy over mundane, boring tasks sitting on desks that only add to our problems, confusions, depression and misery? Shouldn’t we be enjoying life right now instead of after 5 years?

What is it man?!?! What the hell do they want from us?

Who is this ‘they’ anyway? Society, parents, friends, ghosts, ourselves?

Ken Robinson tells us how schools kill creativity

A video by on the misconception of college

what do you think?