I had been wishing for a random trip to happen for such a long time. And guess what? A road trip happened.

Tushar had been desperate to go for the the school founders, not knowing whether he would be around for next years one. I, as usual, was always up for a quick get away to the hills and akshay was cribbing about classes. Some convincing, a few excited phone calls, and a quick plan was made. We were on our way to Dehradun.

Talk about the law of attraction.

And here we’re now, loitering around in the sweet doon valley, meeting friends and strangers. Its always good to be back to school and swim in a bit of nostalgia every now and then. You feel all grown up and experienced. Akshay, tushar and me. Ah. The good, lazy life. The sun is all bright, the air is clear and I’m content.

Happy thanksgiving, everyone!