It’s 2012 already, I graduated from the University of Delhi around the 20th of June. 6 months have flown by and I didn’t even realize how and when this happened. I don’t know about me, but time sure knows how to fly!

3 years of mind numbingly boring Math for 3 years was enough for me to decide that I needed a break from everything. Do absolutely nothing for sometime. Take a sabbatical if you will. And do “cool” things that one should ideally do instead of cramming useless and mind numbing math theorems.

Travel, read books, meet people, have fun, discover life, play guitar, exercise. Chill. And whatnot.

It’s been 6 months and the year has ended. I was reflecting over what all had transpired in the last few months of my existence. Try to remember what all did I do. Or didn’t do.

Things I did


I travelled. I went to Pune, Lonavala, Khandala, Mumbai, Goa, Dehradun, almost Mussoorie (there was a saturday evening traffic jam so we had to turn our car back), Qutub Minar, the Bahai Lotus Temple and a couple of other places.

And all this left me short of a lot of money.

Yeah I had a lot of fun on these trips but my intentions were to have more than just fun. It was supposed to be a spiritual quest meant to impart me with more knowledge about the workings of this mysterious universe. Apart from the Acid trip in Goa which was completely out-of-this-world and the road accident which happened the day after, nothing too spiritual happened.

"I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me"

I bumped into a budding chef from a tiny village in Bihar who rattled of in tapori Hindi at the drop of a hat. But boy, he sure could cook the tastiest home cooked spiced lamb curry with exotic herbs and garnishing blindfolded. I also met a pretty girl from College whom I had met a couple of times in New Delhi. But these people I met in Pune. The rest were family and friends I knew from before.

I think I will make it a point to step out of my comfort zone and talk to more people. Being shy on a trip in front of people who are not going to remember you the next day is a really dumb thing to do.


Unfortunately, this was one thing which I had wanted to take up but didn’t do, thanks to the telly. The only books I clearly remember reading were the Immortals of Meluha, it’s sequel the rise of the Nagas, a couple of “The Power of Positive Thinking” types of spiritual advice books. Reading is the one habit which can take one to a completely different universe from the comfort of one’s chair. Unlike television, it leaves a lot to your imagination and creativity which further helps in developing these two traits in the long run. Didn’t do much of it this year.

In 2012, reading is one thing I am going to do irrespective of time, place and circumstances.

Have fun, discover life, play guitar, exercise

These were the remaining things on my list of things to do. Lets see –

Fun – I did have a bunch of it but trust me, all play and no work makes Jack a dumb boy. Most of the fun that I had was one or more of the following – booze and smokable stuff, buying stuff, and “resting”. And that stuff gets to you after some time. Your mind starts rusting, you become lazy and complacent. You stop fighting the spiritual quest.

It’s about time I balanced this and got down to some serious things. The real joy of things is other, nobler things. I shall only write about them once I do them.

Discover life – I kinda realize this was the suckiest thing I had planned to do. Discovering life is not a “goal” that you can possible try and achieve. It just happens. It’s not specific, measurable or even relevant. Really stupid to put it down on a list of things.

Play guitar – Just like college made me drop reading, it made me drop guitar and I only have myself to blame. I had thought that once college gets over I will take it up again. Sadly, didn’t happen.

Exercise – The year is over and my weight is 76.7 Kilos. I did exercise, but not consistently. The result of which is a paunch. Thankfully, I somehow got the motivation to go for a run which I did for 20 days out of 31. Yep, made a log. I will write more about it in my next post.

Chill – Again, another ambiguous thing to do. Chilling is actually unemployment and confusion.

That about wraps up all the goals I had set for myself for the few months after college in 2011. It was a really casual, off handed approach to goal setting and this article is my first attempt at tracking the progressing, which is more important than the goal setting part.


Thankfully, the year is over. One of the worst years of my life, I’m quite glad I made through it without killing myself. However, it’s left some really bad, negative habits and thought patterns which continue to float around in my head and my life. If some strict disciplinary action is not taken, their roots will continue growing in my personality. Unless uprooted properly, these thoughts and habits will slowly corrode me from inside.

Inspired by the awe inspiring success of Pat Flynn at affiliate marketing, productivity and performance at his blog, I think I will kickstart the year with some specific and measurable goals. They might just give me the inspiration and kick I need to get the motor running and soar high in life. If you’re looking for something productive to do this year, checkout this list of a few things you could do for a kickass 2012.

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