One of my most important goals for 2012 is to read more. The goal for January is to read at least 5 pages every day.

The good thing about setting such a small goal is that it is easily achievable. I would pick up a book with the thought of reading just 5 pages and I would invariably end up reading 15.

Thanks to 5 pages a day, I finished reading my first book of the year – One Life to Ride. It’s 232 pages and I read it in a mere 4 days. Not bad, for my initial goal was of much less.

One Life To Ride: A Motorcycle Journey To The High Himalayas
One Life To Ride: A Motorcycle Journey To The High Himalayas

About One Life to Ride

Written by a man well in his 50s, One Life to Ride is a travel book by Ajit Harisinghani. It’s basically about his solo ride on a Royal Enfield motorcycle from Pune to Ladakh and the Kashmir.

A speech therapist by profession, Ajit has done an excellent job. One can barely guess he is a first time author. He has nicely described his arduous 3,500 K.M drive in simple, lucid English. Peppered with interesting incidents, some spiritual thoughts, and an eye for detail, One Life to Ride is a book I will highly recommend to you if you’re into cross country travel.

It gave me a lot of inspiration to take at least one such trip in my lifetime. Man, riding a motorcycle for 3,500 kilometers! It must have taken it’s toll on the guy, physically and mentally.

And I am quite certain he felt like a hero when he completed it.

The Human Spirit

The book symbolizes the one thing I have absolute admiration for – the human spirit. It’s the human spirit which enables us to achieve unimaginable things, break impossible barriers and increase the frontiers of knowledge and experience. It’s what keeps us from becoming animals. I have rarely heard of animals accomplishing rare feats.

There are exceptions, sure. I saw a movie based on the true story of a race horse called Secretariat. But all humans have this thing in them which makes them want to grow higher and higher in their aims and aspirations.

A truly inspiring book.