One of my new year’s resolutions was to set goals and complete them. I have set a bunch of goals for the entire year but I think it would be smarter if I break them down month wise from now on. Anyway, this is an analysis on the progress of those goals during the month of January.


Very happy with the progress of this. I have already completed reading The adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The Return of Sherlock Holmes and A Study in Scarlet. Currently reading The Sign of the Four. At the current pace, I should be able to read 10 new books by the end of June.


My blogging goals have been trugding along at an average pace. I had initially set a goal of publishing 10 articles in 30 days and then 20 posts in 30 days. I have so far published:


The social engagement across Facebook, twitter and google was pretty dismal:

January Articles

I think this calls for changing the goals slightly. Ofcourse, right now my website is not ranking on Google so these statistics will also get affected. However, I still have Facebook and Twitter and if I can get something valuable there, I’m quite sure the traffic will increase. There’s no point publishing new articles if no one’s reading them. I should place more emphasis on achieving better reader metrics because that will also reflect improvement in my writing and marketing.


Fitness goals are also working along fine. I’m now not running that regularly because I’ve joined a local gym which I’m going to quite religiously. Slight change of fitness goals here too.


This is the worst area. I’m not performing well at all financially.

I’ve landed one client (who also happened to be a relative) and completed making his website from which I will earn a cool 50$.

I don’t know how important this aspect is though because ever since I’ve moved to Delhi, I’ve noticed that I’m living a more frugal life. There’s no TV in my house which has culminated in lesser distractions and more reading. There’s limited internet access too so I don’t end up wasting time on useless things. There’s more walking, less eating out, more working, less worrying which is slowly improved the state of my brain. I think living a frugal life is a good thing but then a little more $$ in your wallet doesn’t hurt!

Some goals need improvement here too!

Other random goals:

I’ve started teaching one kid who’s in grade IV. It’s a nice experience, teaching someone. I think I’m learning from that kid too. Visited an NGO meeting also but haven’t got around to volunteering with them – their volunteer program is not managed that nicely because those guys are really busy with other important things.


I think this was a decent month over all. I have made considerable progress. And I’ve tracked it also. After so many months, I’ve fought laziness.

Anyhow, I’ll go and jot down some goals for the month of February.