God likes to play silly jokes on us puny humans. He’ll give you a warm loving family, many friends and enough money to live comfortably. But just for the fun of it, he will take away some little item from your life. Say, your peace of mind.

You feel as if you have nothing.

I had been sitting  idle for quite some during my planned sabbatical after college. Maths turned out to be quite stressful so I felt I needed a break. So I involved myself in little activities when college got over, didn’t do most of what I had planned.

But we aren’t built to stay idle. Pigs are meant to stay idle. Stray dogs have the luxury to stay idle. Even cows and sheep are busy chewing on cud. But humans are built for far nobler and useful things.

Since new ideas weren’t striking me anymore and a general enthusiasm was missing, I decided to look for a job thinking:

  1. It would keep me busy
  2. It would make me money and give me some financial independance
  3. I would meet new people and make new friends

So I made a resume (which btw, sucked. I have barely done much important work so far!) on job seeking websites, forwarded to friends and asked them to get me a job.

Nothing much happened. I realized that to get somewhere, I needed to learn more. But the traumatizing experience of intense maths just took away my enthusiasm for learning anything in a college in India.

However, eventually I finally got a job.


That’s kind of a cool name right? At least better than “XYZ computer services” or something like that. So I gave an interview and they asked me to join.

I now work as a content writer for Jabong. It’s an internet startup based in Gurgaon and I have become a worker bee for them. It’s been a week here now.

I feel like the sepoys probably did during the British rule in India.

Doesn’t sound too appealing to someone who’s used to being a free bird with self-employment et al. But then, when you don’t have too many options or if you become too lazy to start your own business all over again, working for someone else is a good idea I suppose.

But I am more keen on seeing how the company works, how a team works, how managers their teams and office. When you’re self-employed, such things are absent from the picture. There are no colleagues, no such team, no meetings, not much accountability.

Today’s only the second week of work. Somethings are good about this job, some are bad. The work place is pretty chilled out, you can wear what you want, come in a little late, 5 days working, 8 hour work day and the work is easy. But I am not used to easy. I am used to challenging and creative and hard work. I hope this job gives me some hard creative work to do. I plan to stick to this job for a month and see what all I have learned apart from writing product descriptions. Oh, plus they’re paying me 25k a month which I think is cool for a first timer.

Choices, choices, choices

I was already confused if I should get into teaching, government administration or business. I wish the choices were few.